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Children who are placed into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu learn vital problem solving skills. Every time anyone trains they are always faced with new problems and situations that must be tackled. This is a great way to sharpen young developing minds.

"My son was attacked"

My son was attacked one day after school on his way home. luckily for Manny's awesome kids program. My child not only was able to defend himself, but was also responsible enough to alert adults immediately after.
Sandra Sanchez


All kids will learn the respect that is to be shown to other as well as the respect they deserve. 


Teaching kids to never give up is paramount to success. We teach them even if you get knocked down to get back up and fight for what you want.  


No matter how many gifts you give to your child, there is one gift that is the most wonderful and priceless of them all- CONFIDENCE

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Invest in your kid

Jiu-jitsu is something your child will take with them for the rest of their lives.


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